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Posted Fri Dec 27, 2013 - 04:28 PM

1. delija66


Posted Fri Dec 27, 2013 - 04:05 PM

Team Selection: Draft
Location: Unranked online
Quarter Length: 7 mins
Difficulty: Heisman
Off. Playbook: Any
Def. Playbook: Any
Teams: 12
Divisions: 2 (Bowden & Bryant), 6 teams each
Playoffs: 8 teams, top 4 teams from each division (1v4, 2v3)

Draft order in the HPL is determined in a reverse-record order (the previous season's worst team picking first, and the champion picking last).

1.) Respect your fellow League Members: We are all adults here, and take time away from our adult lives, doing adult like things to play a video game. For most of us, this is our vacation from real life. Please respect other league member's time as well as their opinions. This rule also applies to running up the score. If you are up by a large margin, use common sense and try to run the ball out of respect. On the flip side, if you are down by a large margin, and your opponent has the game well in hand, accept defeat and move on. Don't try and onside kick your way to victory.

2.) Going on 4th Down: Here are our general 4th down rules...

● You may go for it on 4th down if it is 4th and 3 or less, AND you are at or beyond your opponent’s 40 yard line. You must punt if you are outside the opponent's 40, or if the distance is greater than 3 yards to go.

● You may go for it on 4th down, from anywhere on the field, if you are down in the 4th quarter with 2 mins or less remaining.

3.) Running Clock: You may run clock, via Conservative Game Plan settings, with 2:30 remaining in the 4th quarter. With 7 min quarters, we do not need to run clock in the 1st half

4.) Onside Kicks / Squib Kicks: Onside kicks are NOT permitted in the 1st half of any game. You are allowed to recover 1 onside kick in the 4th quarter. (You may attempt multiple onside kicks, but are allowed to recover only 1) Squib kicks are not allowed. Period. If you do not want to kick to the return men, kick it short. Squib kicks are broken, and cause some quirks, so just stay away.

5.) Douche D: Under NO circumstances is the 1-5-5 defense allowed. You must have a minimum of two (2) down linemen aligned in your defense. Also, no douche bag turbo blitzing, including LB Shake Blitzes, and manual movement blitzes.. Basically anything that manipulates the AI blocking is banned.

6.) Scheduling Games: AIM or GroupMe

7.) Substitutions: All of the packages in the game are allowed, and all of the subs available in the game are allowed except: WR cannot play TE, DB's (CB,FS,SS) cannot play linebacker or WR, HB cannot play TE or WR UNLESS it is a package; WR cannot play DB. You are also not allowed to put any of these in your depth chart. WR or RB cannot play in the QB spot unless the formation is specifically designed for this type of substitution. Ex: Wildcat formation

8.) Switching players after the snap:

● Defense – you may switch to any player after the snap when pursuing the opposition in order to make a tackle, interception, strip, big hit (AKA "Noob Hit") or pass deflection.

● Offense – you may switch to the pass target to user catch on a passing play.

9.) Run Commit / Pass Commit:

● Run Commit is 100% banned. Use it, and it's a Strike
● Pass Commit is acceptable when used moderately. Only use pass commit in passing situations.

10.) Pre Snap Adjustments: Everyone knows that in football, coaches will make pre snap adjustments on both sides of the ball if they see a mismatch, and an opportunity for a big play. Obviously, it's a part of football and will be a part of our league. However, there will be guidelines to keep the game moving along. We do not want to see several pre snap changes on every play.

● Audibles- Checking down to a run, or quick pass is totally tolerable and acceptable. Any audible that does not cause you to change the formation and/or personnel packaging is fine, as long as you use them in moderation. Audibles that cause your players to shift to the other side of the formation is also ok, but it should be no more than 3 times in an entire offensive possession. The opponent does not want to sit there on defense waiting for the offense to run back and forth between 6 different plays. If you see your opponent doing this, just pause the game and message him.

● Hot Routes- Calling hot routes to create certain pass plays is acceptable, in moderation. The same rules apply here as audibles, just don't over-do it. We do not want to sit there waiting on every play while you go "Peyton" on us.

11.) No Huddle Offense: Now more than ever, No Huddle (NH) offenses are a big part of College Football. NH is permitted in the HPL 14, however there are some guidelines that will be enforced.

● You are permitted to run a No Huddle Offense at any point of the game, except for on dead ball situations (incomplete pass or out of bounds)

● If you are up by a comfortable margin, have the common courtesy to run some clock. No need to rub it in the opposition's face

Get Open: Banned
Holding Blocks: Banned
Impact Blocks: Banned
Catching: Okay
Big Run: Okay
Tempo: Okay

Big Hits: Banned
Strip Ball: Banned
Zone Coverage: Okay
Defensive Line: Banned
Pass Defense: Banned
Option Defense: Okay
QB Contain: Okay

Various icons used from the Silk Icons library.